North of Liberty

North of Liberty is the story of three college friends who buy broken down 1975 VW bus and dream of driving it cross country. They learn what it means to be a team: to barter, give back, pay it forward and stay positive -- simply to keep their dream of reaching the Pacific coast-and keeping life on the road... alive.

This independent movie was filmed, edited and produced by the three friends who took the trip without any budget, script or camera crew.     

We are very fortunate to have friends who donated their music to the project because they believed in our goal of inspiring young people to travel and get to know themselves.  You can get more info in the music section


"The message that this movie wants to convey to everyone who sees it is simple yet powerful: follow your dreams, overcome your fears, and try to get to know this wonderful, vast, and multifaceted world that will surely surprise you."

- Prensa Libre, Guatemala


Dan is teaching physics and lessons about life on the road to high school students  at our almatar in Connecticut.

Todd travel show.png

Todd is currently the Chief Digital Officer for a fashion and restaurant company quickly expanding in Central America.

Kevin is a big deal at Facebook and still enjoys putting the back pack on from time to time.